Technical Consultancy Services

Our Group Company, Estec Gracon Systems Pvt Ltd, has been successfully providing technical consultancy services to various companies in India. Our technical services include Repair Centre Managememt, Testing services, part harvesting services, identification of parts for scrapping (Ewaste identification) and spare part management at Client locations.

Skilled & Trained Manpower of Estec are placed at Client Locations full time for providing Technical Services.

The following Technical Services are provided by Estec's Consultants for the above mentioned modalities at Client Locations:

  • Testing of Incoming Parts at Clients Facility.
  • Simulating of field problems as reported by FE’s to suggest problem resolution with help of Client’s Service Managers / Product Managers.
  • Identification of defective parts for scrapping.
  • Emergency Field Visits to support Client’s FEs at Site.
  • Minor rework to address issues related to burnt resistors, burnt lugs, Dry Solder’s and faulty contacts.
  • Segregation of Electronic and Mechanical parts in Equipment identified for scrapping.


Estec understands concerns of our Clients on Data & Technology Integrity, and has given due importance to the same.

  • Estec generally enters into a Non‐Disclosure Agreement with our Clients to address this very important concern.
  • Estec also has a Non‐Disclosure Agreement signed by its employees to maintain Data Integrity and Secrecy.
  • Estec's Key Focus is to provide Quality, Timely and Consistent Service to our Clients.
  • To assist our Clients in Board Recovery of Failed / field returned Parts, thereby help them to save costs.
  • To place trained Technical Consultants who can provide back end support to our Clients Support
  • Managers / Field Engineers in resolving field related issues / problems.
  • To Partner our Clients in supporting / achieving their set Customer Support Standards.